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How Do I Adult?

Do you ever feel that life is a constant struggle for the next stage?

Here’s what I mean…

When you’re young being an adult looks great. Until you realise you can’t sit around playing Mario Kart all day because you have to go to work. (Kudos to you if you’ve found a way to do that while playing computer games.)

When you’re working retirement starts to look rather peachy. Until you realise that after you’ve worked all those years you probably have little energy left. Someone said to me the other day that we’ll probably be 100 before we can retire… the age does go up every year.

I don’t know quite where this post is going.

Now that I’ve admitted that I can move on.

I’m fast approaching 30 and feel about as good about it as Doctor Bashir did in “Distant Voices” (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine). Hopefully it won’t take a Lethean attack to make me see straight.

… I wonder who would play the various parts of my psyche if such a thing happened…

School doesn’t prepare you for life is an old cliche and I’m not going to flog that particular dead horse here. It is true though.

The best we can do with all the juggling of stuff in our lives is to do our best. And there you have a meaninglessly tautological statement.

I’ll tell you my flat is a bit, okay a lot, of a mess. And getting on top of it feels like getting on one of those spin-you-around-bucking-things.

I make lists of what needs doing. This helps a bit but then I’m a slave to the list. Which I think I’ve said before.

I wonder if some of this is resonating with you. That general feeling that you have no business trying to live out in the world on your own.

I, and probably you to, probably do better than we think we do.

Cleanliness may be next to godlessness but it doesn’t mean you’re a devil if your place is untidy.

Of course its important to know that… the end of that sentence has vanished… I could cut it but I’m trying a stream of consciousnesses thing.

So I’ll go to my ending sentence. And I can’t seem to find a source for this…

If someone is coming over, who you wish to impress, clean the bathroom like a serial killer cleaning up after a crime.

And remember, in connection to my last post and then end of the above sentence, Abby Sciuto will always be able to find something to tie you to the crime scene.

I promise my next post will be a little more coherent.


I just wanted to say that I have checked this post. I really have. Unfortunately my particular combination of dyslexia and dyspraxia makes it really hard for me to spot typos. Please enjoy and I’ll try not to make too many errors.

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I’ve been a little ill recently and have been watching a lot of NCIS. When I was off work last week my days consisted of alternating between sleep and NCIS. NCIS is an American police procedural about a group of federal agents belonging to the titular organisation. It should be noted that it might not be the best show to watch whilst ill. Normally the dead bodies in a show like this don’t bother me. However when feeling a little sick you don’t want to see the corpses – even if you know they are fake – obviously. This was particularly true in the episode ‘The Meat Puzzle‘ where I had to cover the bottom of my screen.

I first watched NCIS back in 2013, discovering it through its parent series JAG, and lost track of it, before buying seasons 1-8 a couple of months back.

This style of program is rather formulaic but still enjoyable. Like Bones you have the investigators and the scientists. They all work together to solve the case. Unlike Bones its not driven, or not as driven, by a ‘will they/won’t relationship. There is nothing exactly wrong with that but it has become something of a cliche – indeed it was the driving force behind JAG.

What I like about NCIS is that they manage to keep the stories fresh. It is all too easy for this type of show to fall into the same story every episode. With this show I’ve found the stories to be nicely varied.

There will always be cliches though. The characters can be a little cinched but still enjoyable to watch.

Abby: The quirky, adokable, forensic scientist with a farting hippo.
Gibbs: The no-nonsense boss.
DiNozzo: The one who is rather silly.

I warn you though if you watch a lot of NCIS you may get the urge to start slapping people on the back of the head. I’m sure you have a candidate for that in your life.

Sometimes I get a little lost in the stories. Maybe my brain is in capable of keeping all the names straight in my head or maybe it’s just that I’m trying to figure out where I’ve seen an actor before. Actually that happens with most things I watch. And as I watch a lot of science fiction the last time I saw a specific actor they might have been a Cardassian.

Episodes of NCIS sometimes end without a wrap up. In other series there is usually a coda of sorts. This usually consists of seeing the perpetrator arrested, or shot depending on the story, and sometimes a character moment before the end credits. This is not always so in NCIS. Sometimes an episode ends suddenly and occasionally its not satisfying.

There are other series that go to the other extreme. In Monk there is always the ‘Here’s what happened…’ moment. Monk narrates the crime, it’s usually murder, and we see exactly how it was done. For someone who may not have the best of attention spans this is a very nice feature.

I look forward to watching more of NCIS and will probably expand into its two spin offs: NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans.

NCIS is well worth checking out. Technically its first episode was the backdoor pilot of ‘Ice Queen’ and ‘Meltdown‘ but stating with the first proper episode: ‘Yankee White‘ would be just as good.

What are you watching at the moment?

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