Hello, my name is Daniel O’Donovan and I am a writer.

I have been writing for as long as I can remember. A while ago, while doing so sorting, I found an old story written in crayon. It was very much a ‘then this happened – then that happened’ type of thing but it is a story. I must have written it very early in Primary School.

In 2013 I got my MA in Scriptwriting. I also have a degree in Creative and Professional Writing both of these were from the the University of Glamorgan.

This website was set up because of university. It is a place where I hope to show my written work to the world. I have the usual author’s problem of not finishing anything and I hope that as people read items on this site and comment it will give me the push to actually finish something!

As well as my own written work I also have a section called The Muiltyverse. This is a commentary on other works and often discusses my frustration with television shows and films. To me the most important thing in a film is the writing. Which is why I won’t be impressed if a film is simply just about explosions with no substance.

Finally I should discuss the banner at the top of this site. The purple ship was designed by my brother, known on the web as Kiml42, and the image comes from NASA. I am not affiliated with NASA in any way and would like to thank them for making these images freely available.

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  1. theambivert123

    Thanks for following me 🙂 I adore your site by the way! xx

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