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Confusing Technology

I’ve just spent an hour looking at camcorders. There are so many to choose from and it seems almost impossible to decide.

Part of the problem comes from budgeting. Say I set a budget of £150. Then I find a camera that’s just £10 more. Well £10 isn’t a lot so I can say £160 is the budget and I start looking for stuff in that range – then I find stuff just a little above that and so on.

I think I’m going to get the Panasonic V100. I’ve watched a review of it and it looks good. The reason I want a camcorder is to make you tube videos. I’ve uploaded two already, using a digital camera, and the sound is not great. I’ve tried video editing of course, like in the one below, but its just a little bit more than my poor computer can cope with – it crashed twice last night.

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No pen, no paper, no memory!

At work I can’t have a pen and paper with me at all times. So sometimes ideas seem to pass me by. Yesterday as I worked all these ideas sprang to mind but most seem now to have slipped from my brain. So if you can, as I’ve said before, write your ideas down.

I will be starting on you tube in the not too distant I’ve just be wrestling with the computer a bit. See you soon.


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You Tube

I watch You Tube videos every day. This probably comes under the category of a waste of time. Of course You Tube has a massive variety of videos some are vlogs, some are educational, and there is a lot of rubbish too.

Vloging, and You Tube in general, is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I just have two problems…

I’m a little camera shy. When speaking with someone I can talk fine. It doesn’t matter if its at work, university, or just generally out and about that’s fine. The exception is if I want to ask someone out. Then I freeze up faster than… than… well faster than a writer trying to find a useful metaphor for the end of his sentence.

When I’m using a camera words just don’t flow. Writing a script might help but I imagine the freeze reflex would still be their. Its like when someone asks you: ‘What is your favourite food?” – and suddenly you can’t seem to remember the names of any foods at all!

Now assuming I could get over that fear I come to the other problem. This is that I’m not much of an extrovert. My favourite vlogers wave their hands around they are excited by stuff. I tend to have all the outward emotions of Mr Spock.

I do get excited by things, like the fact that Doctor Who is starting again in a little while, and yes I do jump around sometimes  – but doing that on camera… no.

I would feel too self conscious.

So when I’ve figured out camera set up or how to put voice over on top of pictures I will perhaps, maybe, start doing you tube

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Circumstantial Evidence

Sometimes I get bogged down in research. This happens in one of two ways. Either the answers to the questions are not forthcoming and I spend all my time jumping between sites or I get engrossed and suddenly know more than I ever needed to know.

As a writer I research a variety of things: the United States Navy, the Royal Navy, the New Zealand Navy, nurseries, the effect of a vacuum on the human body, village post offices, the travel time between New Zealand and New York, the average age of a Naval Lieutenant, Police procedures, the Salem Witch tries, explosives, guns, nuclear weapons, and Ford Prefect Cars.

These are not all for the same story. I do wonder though what conclusions someone might draw were my Google searches ever called into question.

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