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Leonard Nimoy 1931-2015

Leonard Nimoy died yesterday. I wanted in my own small way to pay tribute to him

I was born in 1987 so ‘my’ Star Trek series was Deep Space Nine. I have of course seen the original series too. Although it looks a little dated, both in terms of effects and cultural attitudes,  it still stands out as an excellent series.

I always felt that Mr. Spock was a, to use exactly the right word, fascinating character. That of course was a lot to do with Leonard Nimoy. He came up with the Vulcan salute and suggested the finger touching, in The Enterprise Incident, as an alien alternative to kissing. This gave Spock a wonderful mystique. He was a wonderful character. I wasn’t born until eighteen years after the cancellation of Star Trek but Spock is still more iconic to me than any other character in any of the series.

I never got to meet Leonard Nimoy and always hoped I would.

In interviews it is obvious that he was a very thoughtful man both as an actor and a human being. In one interview he describes hearing Spock in his head – helping him to come to better ways of dealing with a problem.

Nimoy was aware of his condition before his death.  Earlier this year he tweeted:

“I quit smoking 30 yrs ago. Not soon enough. I have COPD. Grandpa says, quit now!! LLAP”

I’d like to echo that. I know many people who smoke and it saddens me to see it. I’ve never smoked but I understand that quitting is a difficult thing to do.

Leonard  Nimoy did live a long and prosperous life but, like Andreas Katsulas, died sooner than he might have due to a smoking related condition.

Like Leonard Nimoy says: ‘Quit now.’

In closing it only remains for me to say: Live Long and Prosper.



And quit smoking.




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Pass it Forward

On Friday the 13th of February I went to Lush20150218_204033I love going into Lush. They have lots of great products and their staff are always very knowledgeable. I will also admit the staff tend to be attractive.

Lush have good ethical policies. In writing this though I’ve realised that that is not unique as there is an EU ban on animal testing on cosmetics.  Nevertheless I really  enjoy Lush’s products and the mingling smells of the shop.

On this instance I was shopping for someone else. I assume you can work out, from the date, what I was shopping for. I bought a bath bomb, a floating flower, and a knot wrap for it all.

Now comes the time of embarrassment. I’d asked for the products to be wrapped up but when I got home I discovered something else in the bag. My first assumption was that the lady had only wrapped one of my items. After examining the knot wrap I discovered I’d been given something extra. Specifically it was a tisty-tosty. With it was the card you can see on the right. Like I said I’m embarrassed. I’d been given this extra something and my first thought was that some mistake had been made.

I must compliment the staff for their slight of hand. I didn’t notice her pick up the tisty-tosty or write her message to me on the back of the card. All I knew was that I’d asked not to have a bag and they gave me one anyway. I discovered this extra bomb when I was on the train.

With that sentence this post has been flagged by the FBI, CIA, MI5, and MDF or whoever.

The funny thing is that I’ve been living in a house without heating or hot water for the last few weeks. My dear old boiler died before Christmas and I’ve finally been able to get a new one. This meant no baths and no showers just a normal wash using a kettle. Well using water from a kettle actually.

So it was great timing to have a bomb for my bath.

I love the idea of pay (pass) it forward and should think of something to do. I did make a charitable donation afterwards, I was ambushed by one of the street people, so maybe that counts.

What’s your favorite Lush product?


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As you may have noticed there was no post last week. I wish I could give you some grand reason for this. There isn’t one. I could give you some excuses I suppose.

Last Saturday I went to my parents house for dinner, I finally had a Saturday evening off, and we played Bohnanza. This is a rather strange game with anthropomorphised beans. A good game though.

On Sunday we went for lunch. A proper Sunday lunch which I haven’t had in a very long time, with the exception of Christmas dinner I suppose, it was good food. Then in the evening I had to go into work for just an hour for a meeting – a pointless meeting – aren’t they always.

Those are the excuses but there is another story.

I had a bad day.

Looking back at my diary the bad day was actually Monday – I’d planned on the post being just a day late. I just didn’t feel like doing anything. Do you ever get days like that? I’m sure we all do. I slept for a long time and just watched Voyager.

Sometimes you just need to do nothing.

Speaking of my diary I’m still keeping up with it. The idea was to think of a happy thing for each day. I am doing that but also keeping a general record of what is going on. Some days my happiness for the day is seeing a particular person smile.

A smile is probably the first thing I notice about someone – a smile and eyes too.


Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. I like Valentine’s day. Some people see it as overly commercial and generally silly. They may be correct but I still like it. It is an opportunity to show someone you care. Maybe if you’re in a relationship it matters less but if not it seems like the perfect opportunity to approach someone. If nothing else its nice to be nice. I know nice is a bad word for a writer to use but sometimes it works.

People can go over board with romantic gestures – but why would anyone have a problem receiving a card or chocolates or something. I’m assuming of course that we’re talking about two people who get on and not Gul Dukat giving a dress to Major Kira or something.

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Short Stories and Shoe Horns

I’ve written a story. That is a rather redundant statement as I am a writer but its true.

Specifically I’ve written a story for a competition and I’m not sure its any good.

I’ve used a character I’ve used before and written a story for the competition. The competition simple asked for a story based around a provided opening line. I may have shoe horned an existing idea into place. It kind of fits. The story works. i.e: the protagonist has a problem, she discusses that problem, and comes up with a solution.

That is the basis of almost any story. The problem is it covers everything from walking in to Mordor to walking to the shops to buy an apple…

Problem: I’m hungry

Solution: Get food.

Once upon a time I was hungry and their was no food in the house. I got up off my lazy butt and went to the shops. I bought food. Several of the chocolate bars did not survive the journey home.

That is a story outline but unless you’re having to battle a dragon to get to the shop its not going to do too well.

There is something to be said for submitting anything and every thing. The simple act of writing can be an idea generation machine. So maybe I will. The entrance fee is £3 and the prize is £250. Which isn’t too bad really. Is there a point submitting when there isn’t much of a chance of winning? I’m not sure I have an answer to that.

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