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Adult Supervision

I  just wanted to share this. This is the warning label from a pack of ballpoint pens. I’m not quite sure how children could make such a ridiculous mess with just 50 pens. This is probably from the same genius who thought a packet of peanuts needed a ‘may contain nuts’ label. Although, to be fair, I have heard of a customer who complained that an almond cake was not marked ‘contains nuts.’ So maybe people are silly on both sides.   Warning

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A Real Human Person

What a strange world we live in. Just now I had to call a company. I naturally expected to be put through to a robot. The call connected and I heard the words: ‘This call may be recorded for training purposes.”

I expected to have to wait for at least two minutes, music, ‘Your call is important.’, music, ect, to be connected. To my surprise this wasn’t a robot but a person. Its come to something when we’re surprised by an actual person picking up the phone. I guess, as with any customer based job, you have to say the same sentence over and over again you’re bound to sound a little robotic.

I work in a customer facing job. There are things we have to say to every customer, asking for their loyalty card, up-selling, and so on. It is enough to drive you mad.

I was already a little mad!


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Not Enough Time

“I believe there are currents in the Universe, eddies and tides that pull us one way or the other. Some we have to fight, some we have to embrace. Unfortunately the currents that we have to fight look exactly like the currents we have to embrace. The currents that we think are ones that are going to make us stronger, they’re the ones that are going to destroy us. And the ones that we think are going to destroy us, they’re the ones that make us stronger. ”
Vir Cotto, “The Geometry of Shadows” Babylon 5

It occurred to me the other day that I often say, if only to myself, that I don’t have time to do things. I’ve found though that this is not true. Its simply a matter of what we choose to do. If you get home and binge watch Stargate SG-1 then you’re not going to get much done of an evening.


I might need to clean my keyboard!

I chose the above quote because it feeds nicely into this – that will become clear in a moment. I think that when I get home from work I want to watch TV and relax – the truth is I actually feel better if I’m productive. I’m the kind of person who becomes stressed when not meeting his own deadlines. I set myself tasks and feel bad when I don’t do them – even when, in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter.

I know that I’m not the only one who feels this way. Everyone has some sort of neurosis or craziness. I know I’m not normal but there is no normal. Every one is a strange confluence of their likes and dislikes. I’m listening to a Eurovision song at the moment – I bought several of the albums – so what? However I also have Mozart and the Corrs, Lordi, James Darren, S Club, Britney Spears, and so on. And with that I lost any street-cred I might have had.

I no longer care.

Well I say I no longer care. I used to care what people thought. I cared so much that I would be afraid to say what I liked. Now I say I don’t care. There is a little voice in the back of mind is saying that I should care. Its an odd thing.

This post has ended in an entirely different place from where it started. However like a good school essay lets see if I can wrap it all up in a bow…

Perhaps all this comes from influence of others. I don’t really know anyone who likes the music I like. My friends enjoy going to the club, drinking, and dancing. I prefer quiet evenings. Hitting my target of blogging once a week, trying to get the flat looking good, these things actually make me feel good. While there is a time and a place for Stargate it might not be an everyday thing.

Someone I know said that I was boring. She didn’t say it in a nasty way but maybe, from one perspective, I am. I like my own company but sometimes it would be nice to be alone with someone else. Even if you’re both working on your own projects it can be nice to just have company.

I have been thinking of getting a fish!

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I’d forgotten, until last week, that I’d told WordPress to remind me to post here. If I don’t post every week it sends me little reminders. Here I am at the eleventh hour.

Today has been a strange day. I slept for eleven hours last night so the day has been rather short. I did manage to get out of the house for a bit though and had a wander around the town. Its nice to be only a stone’s throw from the shops. Its not so nice when they throw the stone back.

My internet is now in place. That means I can, as Rescue Time show me, waste time on You Tube again! With the internet this little flat is starting to feel a bit more like home.


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The Internet

It’s a funny old thing not having internet. I realise the irony of that statement when written on a blog. Currently I’m on line by virtue of tethering to my phone. On Tuesday though I will be set up for internet without having to go eek at a rising bill.

It a weird thing having a pay monthly mobile. I went for it because I wanted a fancy phone and I suppose it seemed better to pay x amount a month rather than buying a pay-as-you go phone. Anyway I’m now into, I suppose you could say, extra time with my data allowance. This all seems a bit silly as I still have hundreds of minutes and thousands of texts unused. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could be converted to data.

Earlier today I thought I’d lost my phone, it was just me panicking, but I felt strangely isolated. Without my phone, and by extension without internet, the only way to contact anyone is to physically visit them!


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