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Wales is known for its rain. It was raining when I started writing this post. Now it is a bright morning and aside from a siren in the distance, and the hum of the computer, it is quiet.

When I come to write these posts I want them to be accurate. You as the reader do not get to see when I wrote them. I could be writing this from years ago – nevertheless I like it to be true. So I started writing this when it was raining and now it is not so I have changed the tense.

Now I am in my kitchen area. I am by a window blocked by a tree. The kitchen may seem like an odd place to be to write but here I can stand to write and I prefer that to being seated.

Before, when the day was overcast, and raining, there was a good thing about it. I could have the curtains open when I chose to sit to use my computer at the dining table. On a bright day the sun renders the screen unusable.

The window looks out at the bird table. Unfortunately when it is raining the birds don’t seem to want to be out any more than humans do.

The bird table seems to have become very popular. When I was first writing this there were six of them. Now there is one – I guess that undermines my statement about the birds not liking the rain.

Photo by Joseph Yu from Pexels

As the birds eat they drop some of the seeds. This attracts other animals we have had a squirrel, a hedgehog, and a rat. The squirrels chase each other – although when we had cats the squirrels used to chase them. Apparently the cats didn’t understand there place in the food chain – not that I was wishing to see the cats eat one.

This post started in a different place to where it is now.

There is something special about watching birds fly back and forth from the seed perches. Perhaps it is the random nature of their movements that I like.

That is an odd thing for me to say as I do not like random stuff. I follow my to do list so strictly that I get stressed out when I don’t manage to do stuff that only I care if it is, or isn’t, done! So maybe there is a lesson in that somewhere. What do I know I am just… well me… I didn’t have an end for that sentence.

I’ll be back some time in the future for another Star Trek review. In the meantime have a wonderful day, week, month, year (?) – yeah probably not that last one.

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