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A Burger if you Must

I happened to be passing Burger King yesterday. There current slogan is ‘Have it your way.’ This to me seems like an odd phrase to advertise a company.

When I think of that phrase the first thing that comes to mind is an exasperated person giving up on giving advice. As in the sentence ‘Fine, have it your way, but don’t come crying to me when it all goes wrong.’


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Drama in the Face of Knowledge

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Flogging a Dead Horse

If you have even a passing familiarity with web reviews you’ve probably stumbled upon reviews of the Star Wars prequels. These reviews do not tend to be favourable.

Well I watched Episode 1 the other day and it wasn’t quite as bad as I remembered. It certainly isn’t a great film but it’s not unwatchable.

Watching episode one is like watching a wooden spoon match. You can enjoy the skill of the players and get into the game but, ultimately, they are simply the bottom two teams and the winner and the loser doesn’t really matter. Similarly, in Episode 1, the battles are fun to look at but the who’s who is almost completely lost.

This may be a bad idea but I’m going to post a Star Wars review. This will be sometime in the not to distant future. It may be flogging a dead horse but at least we can guard against a zombie horse.

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iphone or not iphone, that is the question

Every now and then I get a strange desire to buy something. I will search the web for that something and usually decided that I don’t really need it – or I get a headache from the searching.

Well as you can tell from the title I’ve been thinking of getting an iphone. The only reason I can come up with for wanting one is that they’re cool!

I could technically afford it, well just about, but the question I keep coming back to is what can it do that a cheaper (and much cheaper) model cannot?

There is a more important question though… What do I need? When your looking at phones, or any technology, you are bombarded with all this information. It doesn’t necessarily matter if the phone has all these marvellous features if all you want to do is call and text. For that you could just get one of the old Nokia 3310s – the were cool once and you still occasionally see one. I think it would be harder to find an iphone 1.

I want a new phone partly for Twitter. Sometimes something witty will occur when I’m out and about. By the time I get home the moment has passed or I’ve forgotten what I wanted to write.

I have found a phone that would do what I want. It’s quite old but still seems good but doesn’t have to cool factor. So maybe I’ll continue looking. As we all know with technology the longer you wait the better tech you can get.

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