The Illusive Idea

On Friday I have university. Before going I have a piece of writing to do based of a picture. We were given three pictures and told the write something outside of the normal areas we write in. So I decided to write a story for radio. Deciding that was the easy part. Somewhere along the way an idea began to take shape. I had characters and a vague idea of what was going to happen. Without trying to sound too silly writing can make you feel a little Godlike. As every time you pick up a pen, or put fingers to keyboard, you are creating a new world and new people. And, with a million or so words in the English language, every writer will discover a formation that no-one has seen before.

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  1. Great post. Yes I agree that being a writer can feel a bit god-like. We create – and we also destroy. What power. We can also influence those who read what we write so we have a responsibility to write well. Thanks Dan for this thought-inducing post.

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