Flogging a Dead Horse

If you have even a passing familiarity with web reviews you’ve probably stumbled upon reviews of the Star Wars prequels. These reviews do not tend to be favourable.

Well I watched Episode 1 the other day and it wasn’t quite as bad as I remembered. It certainly isn’t a great film but it’s not unwatchable.

Watching episode one is like watching a wooden spoon match. You can enjoy the skill of the players and get into the game but, ultimately, they are simply the bottom two teams and the winner and the loser doesn’t really matter. Similarly, in Episode 1, the battles are fun to look at but the who’s who is almost completely lost.

This may be a bad idea but I’m going to post a Star Wars review. This will be sometime in the not to distant future. It may be flogging a dead horse but at least we can guard against a zombie horse.

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  1. We have watched all the rest of the six episodes since that evening and I don’t think any of them are as bad as I first thought. There are a few key irritations: Padme’s bland response to Anakin killing the desert people; the excessive grimness of Anakin killing the children training to become Jedi; the lack of compassion of Obi-Wan in just leaving Anakin to die; the blandness of Vader’s reunion with Obi-Wan – the man who left him to suffer.

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