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I watch You Tube videos every day. This probably comes under the category of a waste of time. Of course You Tube has a massive variety of videos some are vlogs, some are educational, and there is a lot of rubbish too.

Vloging, and You Tube in general, is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I just have two problems…

I’m a little camera shy. When speaking with someone I can talk fine. It doesn’t matter if its at work, university, or just generally out and about that’s fine. The exception is if I want to ask someone out. Then I freeze up faster than… than… well faster than a writer trying to find a useful metaphor for the end of his sentence.

When I’m using a camera words just don’t flow. Writing a script might help but I imagine the freeze reflex would still be their. Its like when someone asks you: ‘What is your favourite food?” – and suddenly you can’t seem to remember the names of any foods at all!

Now assuming I could get over that fear I come to the other problem. This is that I’m not much of an extrovert. My favourite vlogers wave their hands around they are excited by stuff. I tend to have all the outward emotions of Mr Spock.

I do get excited by things, like the fact that Doctor Who is starting again in a little while, and yes I do jump around sometimes  – but doing that on camera… no.

I would feel too self conscious.

So when I’ve figured out camera set up or how to put voice over on top of pictures I will perhaps, maybe, start doing you tube

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