Two weeks ago the Eurovision Song Contest was held in Denmark. As I was at a wedding on the actual day I’ve only just been able to see the show. So this may be a little late but I felt it was worth talking about. I think that this year the standard of entries was excellent. All the songs were good. I can say that with conviction and it is great to be able to include the UK in that statement.  We’ve had some atrocious entries. This year Molly did very well and really deserved more votes. Terry Wogan or Graham Norton always remind us that we can’t vote for the UK. This was probable the only time, certainly in the last few years, where I’d want to vote for the UK.

Aside from not screaming ‘make it stop’ when hearing our entry it was an important year. The winning entry was:

This gives me a sense of hope for humanity. I know that that is overstating things a tad, but Conchita Wurst, a drag act being able to win speaks volumes. It shows the possibility that we might one day have peace and tolerance. It is the topic that Eurovision songs are most known for.

I also feel that the song, rather than the staging, was voted for this year. Mainly because this song didn’t win.

Its not a terrible song. If it had won it would have been more because of boobs rather than beat. I’m sorry about that one. My favorite was Calm After the Storm. I liked Tick-Tock too but Calm After the Storm had nice simple staging and it is a song contest.

In the UK there tends to be this idea that was shouldn’t compete as we never win. This is really silly. We last won in 1997. Even if countries took it in turns to host it, rather than a popular vote, it wouldn’t have come round to our turn yet. So there is no conspiracy. We need to not win for a lot longer than 17 years before you can say we never win!

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