The Flagpoll

Going to bed on time, or at a reasonable hour, is almost impossible. With the internet, books, and that strange mark on the ceiling, anything is more interesting than sleeping.

As I stay up and the minutes tick by I know I’ll regret it in the morning.  Yet, somehow, my fingers won’t stop clicking on just one more video – or I end up reading a wiki article on – well anything.

What I want is a feeling that the day is done. Something that I do that signifies the end. I have a vague feeling in the back of my mind that kids TV shows used to do that. The characters would all go back into their homes, or boxes, or whatever – the sun would set and the narrator would say something that concluded the episode.

When playing a Mario game you know you’ve reached the end because of the flag pole. Taking the flag down Mario runs to the next level (day) and if he’s lucky he gets an extra life.

I sometimes set an alarm at the end of the day, usually it’s TNGs closing credits theme, but like the snooze button I just ignore it. I carry on knowing I’ll regret staying up, I tell myself things will be better tonight, and then do it all again.


On a different note Emma Blackery is collecting money for charity. She’s already slashed her target but its for a good cause, several actually, so if you have a few spare pounds please donate. Click here.


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