Darlings on the Firing Line

I’ve said it before and hope never to say it again. This time my novel will be finished. I’m moving stuff around. Several of the chapters, that will be in the final novel, have been chapter one.

The upshot of this is that a chapter might have been written to introduce a character but now they’ve been in the book for a while. In other words it is a mess! The mess will be sorted though! For my next novel, I’m going to plan it to within an inch of its life.

There will be some casualties of this novel. One of the original ideas was a talking Guinea Pig – he is gone. That is no great loss. However, as any author will know, there are also the darlings.

Darlings are a way that some authors describe passages of their work that they like but that don’t belong. It might be irrelevant, out of character, or a fundamental change in the story renders it unworkable.

You see my main character, Stacy Tanner, used to be 18. I was 18 when I started writing it. So I have a chapter about her high school prom. I decided to make her older, as I am older, as it fitted better with the story. The prom therefore is now back story and no longer belongs in the novel.

I’m sure I will find other darlings for the chop. I will put them here. I’ve almost finished looking over the prom chapter and it will be on this site by the end of next week.

Those of you in the UK I hope you enjoy the Bank Holiday tomorrow – I have to work. Damn it.

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