If you’ve ever read reviews of, well anything, you’ll know it can be a futile experience. Sometimes there are equal numbers of positive reviews as negative reviews. By the end of it you’re as confused as when you started. This is frustrating but it can be great for a writer.

It’s great because whatever we write someone will like it. At the very least we hope someone will like it. In one of my creative writing classes we were given a list of story titles. We were asked to say which of them we’d most like to read. Everyone was interested in a different story. This might seem a rather trite thing but it was useful.

I remember picking out Memories of the Space Age as the one I was most interested in. Though I haven’t read it yet – which I suppose rather undermines my point. It sounded so interesting because it suggested a post apocalyptic world.

The point of all this is simple. Everything has an audience. It still has to follow the basic rules of a story but no matter where you set it, or when, you’ll find someone who likes it.

And if all else fails…

You can just pretend that the cuddly duck, that you’ve had since childhood, really really likes it.

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