On Goodreads I set myself the challenge of reading 30 books this year. I’ve read 37 books. By the end of the year I hope to be at forty-five. My total does include audio books. I think they count.

Next year my target will be about fifty books. I’m wondering how many I can get up to as my maximum. Some people manage to read 200 books in a year which seems a little excessive. I’d like to work up to 104 that seems like a workable maximum.

As I’ve said before reading on the train is the only good think about my journey to work. I’m currently reading Monday Mourning by Kathy Reichs and listening to The Nano Flower by Peter F. Hamilton.

Books are very important to me. It doesn’t matter how you read – just read. You can get a lot more from a book than a TV show or movie.

I’ve recently joined OkCupid. This differs from Plenty of Fish in that it matches you based on answers to questions. Finding someone who reads is important to me. It would be nice to read to each other or even just sitting together reading our own thing.

I’m 27 but that’s what I want.

So finishing these two will bring me to 39 books. Then I just have six more to go in the next six weeks. Maybe forty-five is a little optimistic. We shall see…

I suppose I could just read a few Mr Men books just to make up the numbers.

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