Christmas is less than four weeks away. It is time to start panicking.

Well panicking is optional but it does seem to be a fairly typical response to the forthcoming season. It is the season of goodwill – or the season to fight people to get a cheap TV. If you don’t know to what that refers just try googling for black Friday and Tesco.

I went into town today and picked up a few things. Actually I only got a present for one person and somethings for myself – so I suppose I rather failed at that. I have bought something else on line though.

For obvious reasons I can’t tell you what I’ve bought. Amazon seemed to have missed that and still suggests that you tweet about purchases – or am I the only one who’s parents might see his Twitter.

I think that I’ve only got two or three presents left to get. Some people are very had to buy for. Hell I’m hard to buy for. I have most of what I want and what I don’t have is expensive.

I received excellent customer service in the shop I went into today. Again I can’t tell you where that was… maybe I didn’t think this through.

I hope you’re doing well with your Christmas shopping.

Why does Christmas always seem to be far away and a shock all at the same time?

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