Today I’m going to do something new and possibly ill-advised. I’m going to talk about an issue currently in the news. I’m going to talk about Jeremy Clarkson. Last week he was fired from the BBC and people seem to have a problem with this. I don’t understand.

To be clear I’ve never been interested in Top Gear. I can’t drive, I’m not planning on learning, and to me a car is nothing but a method of getting from A to B (And at weekends to C). I honestly don’t understand the appeal of fast cars. To me it makes little difference as we have speed limits. Also a love of cars is responsible for the stupid Argo scene in Star Trek: Nemesis.

I know that that is an overwhelmingly simplistic discretion of Top Gear. That however is not the issue. The issue is that Jeremy Clarkson punched someone. There is a word for that… assault. Yet more than a million people signed a petition to keep him on Top Gear.

I signed the petition to say that he must go.

I have questioned what I would say if it was the presenter of one of my favorite shows had done this. Well I can’t imagine Victoria Coren Mitchell, Dara Ó Briain, or Stephen Fry doing this. Let’s put it this way I’m not surprised that Clarkson would punch someone over such a trivial thing.

I have only two question for those people who seem to support Clarkson.

What do you think would happen if you punched a co-worker?

If a co-worker punched you would you want them to be fired?

That’s all I have to say.

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