Writing Exercises

Over the years I’ve accumulated many writing guides. I’ve only read a handful of them. Some can be useful and others are really not. One thing these guides tend to have in common is writing exercises. Writing exercises can be useful as they take you to somewhere you might not have gone otherwise.  More than that though by looking at a picture, sentence, or having to include three specific items in a story, it can help to create fresh ideas.

I’m currently reading Wonderbook. This will take a while as it is big and beautiful and I’m not going to risk taking out of the house. I usually read on the train and this book is a bit too big for that. Anyway it has little writing exercise throughout. These I will bring to you from time to time.

As for book books I recently finished Divergent. I listened to the audio book version and it was most enjoyable. I’m now listening to the squeal. The final book I’m reading is Dragon’s Egg – so yes three books on the go at once.

Finally I found a new you tube channel called Geography Now. It talks about all countries in the world, or it will do, in alphabetical order. I never really enjoyed geography in school but this channel is interesting. I’m curious to hear what he has to say about where I live. However since I live in Wales in the United Kingdom and he’s on ‘B’ it could take quite a while.

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