Susan Sheridan

Susan Sheridan (1947-2015)

Susan Sheridan played Trillian in the BBC radio adaptation of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The radio version was first aired in 1978 with the most resent version in 2005.

The radio series is a joy to listen to. It has excellent acting and is, in my view, the best version of this series. It made great use of the possibilities of radio. At one point the music is building and we are lead to believe that it is just background music until Arther says “Did you know this robot can hum like Pink Floyd.”

Susan Sheridan has been in other things of course but this is where I know her from. The radio series was first broadcast when my dad was young. He recoded on a cassette tape. Later he introduced them to me and I bought them on these new-fanged CDs. I’m sure I will listen to them again someday soon and maybe one day I can introduce them to the next generation.

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