Eurovision 2016

Tonight is the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. This year it’s in Sweden as they won last year with this:

The Eurovision Song Contest is a strange thing.

And since we’re stating the obvious: grass is green, the sky is blue, and sugar is sweet.

I can’t tell you why I love Eurovision. It’s just one of those strange things that I would never miss. There is something about the costumes, the key changes, and even the corny presenter interactions that’s interesting to me. I’m not sure interesting is the correct word for that sentence but its the one I’m going with.

I feel fairly sure that the UK isn’t going to win again. Nevertheless I think it’ll be a fun evening.

I’ll be at my parents enjoying a Swedish themed meal. And next years meal will depend on who wins. Italy would be nice then we can just have Pizza!

If you’re watching it I hope you enjoy.

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