I sit here looking at this white space. What I could fill it with? Today is the seventh day of the year. And it wasn’t such a good day.

I’ve been on holiday this week. Its been nice to have had this time off but I haven’t achieved much. I’ve done some sorting in preparation of moving house, which is a good thing to get down, and saw Rouge One, but other than that not much.

I don’t want to drag you down with me, I sound like Marvin, but rather to express a thought. That silence is something so rarely experienced. Maybe it is something that should be experienced everyday.

It is so easy though to feel the need to fill every void – or rather to see empty space in one’s life as needing to be filled. When I haven’t set myself something to do for a day I never know what to do with myself.

I end up pottering about and walking just to meet a step goal. Which isn’t the best.

So, yes, today was a meh day. I can’t really call it bad, maybe I can, but a day of not much happening.

Tomorrow I’m back at work so at lease some small thing will happen.

I hope that you reading this now are well. I hope that if you get these moments of uncertainly and sadness that they pass quickly. And I hope that you have had a day filled with happiness and hugs.

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