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Isn’t it funny how ideas can sometimes escape you? There are so many things that I could talk about here. I don’t want to get into light-bulb-current-light-glow-40889anything too depressing. And that would be so easy right now.

It feels like there is always something terrible in the news these days. We might as well keep our flags at half mast all the time.

There are flags outside the place where I work and sometimes, when I see them at half mast, I have to wonder – is that for that thing that happened – or is it for some new thing that I have not yet got caught up on.

So it would seem that I have chosen this as a topic despite saying I would not. That is what happens when you start to think out loud in this manner. It’s like asking your mother to help you find something.  As soon as the sentence passes your lips you will no doubt find whatever it was you were looking for.

So yes it does seem like things are bad at the moment.  Are things really that bad or is it just that we hear about tulips-bed-colorful-color-69776 everything going on in the world?

I’m just a blogger and I don’t expect to give any concrete answers. I do know however that too much following of the news can lead to great sadness.

There are times when ignorance really is bliss and, usually, information will trickle down to us eventually. That just seems to be how it goes.

As I right this I am feeling very tired and it is not even half twelve yet. There are times when the weight of things seems to get to me. So perhaps adding the weight of worry for terrible news is a bad idea.

I’m afraid I have no particular wisdom to impart here. So I will close by saying smile. Maybe it will help. And try not to think too much.

Thinking too much is the curse of my brain. How wonderful it would be to feel able to slow down now and again.

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  1. It is very depressing when you think about it, and very scary. I try to focus on the small acts of kindness in the face of overwhelming sadness when it gets to be too much.

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