Of Mice and Men

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I am writing this at 2313 as you may have guessed I will not be waking up at 0500 tomorrow. In fact I have rarely woken up at that time since I posted about waking up at that time a while ago.

The best laid plans of mice and men, as the saying goes, often go awry. I think a 0500 waking time would suite me well. And some days I do do it and it is nice to get my stuff done before I head off to work. With work though I finish late sometimes so an early wake is not practical – also I am still working on my own worse enemy problem – I set myself impossible goals.


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I am an expert at being my own worst enemy and I am glad to be an expert at something. I have managed to find the silver lining in one of the worse things I do to myself so I am calling that a win.

There are few things more satisfying than being able to mark something of a to-do list. It is so satisfying to me at least.  The trick is not putting too much on the to-do list. That is very tricky. How much is too much?

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I had pizza this evening (2018/08/05). Pizza is good. I dream of cravings for healthy foods.

I can dream.

I know now that my mood and food are linked together. If I am not happy or down right repressed I will eat pizza or fried chicken – those are my go too foods. And sometimes it even helps. Other times the idea is so much better than reality.

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I have at least come to a point of understanding with the stuff I want to get done. And that is an understanding of time and that some is better than none.

The gym is the best example of this. Gyms are forbidding places. If you go you will see people fitter than you. And by ‘you’ I mean ‘one’ but one is too pretentious to be allowed. And seeing those people can be disheartening when you realise you will never look that good. I could go to the gym everyday, I could hire a personal trainer, I could switch from pizza to salad, and maybe I could even get results. However with doing that I would have so little time for anything else. So the best I can do is damage control.

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I did try and think about a better way of phrasing it. The point is I will certainly look better doing exercise than not doing exercise. I will burn off a bit of the pizza – only a bit but it is better than nothing.

I read an article somewhere about the gym the other day. And it said that just going is the first step. Even if you don’t even go inside you have got into workout clothes and gone to the building. If you build that habit the next stage of actually having a workout is easier.

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Sometimes I may only do fifteen minutes at the gym. I have still gone though and I can mark it off my to do list. And it is true of other things. Some days I will meditate for ten minutes – other days less than 5 but it has been done. I think that the key to getting my stuff done is varying how me week works. Some weeks will have hour long gym sessions but a short blog post as a consequence. Other weeks it may only be a brief visit to the gym but I have met up with friends. And in this way things get done – sometimes a little and sometimes a lot. And until the little demon of depression appears again that will make me happy. That guy in the picture really does look like a vampire doesn’t he?


I just wanted to say that I have checked this post. I really have. Unfortunately my particular combination of dyslexia and dyspraxia makes it really hard for me to spot typos. Please enjoy and I’ll try not to make too many errors.


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