Time is Annoying – and so is my WiFi!

This is the most last minute post I have ever done. It is 1740 and you will probably not be getting this on time. Sorry about that.

Also my WiFi has been on the fritz today so I am writing this on my iPad instead of my laptop so there will be no pictures today as I am not sure how to add them on this thing – yes I have the technical expertise of a goldfish sometimes.

It is funny how we have come to relay on all this technology. That might be a redundant statement considering this is a blog – a word which has only been in existent since 1999. And it is scary to me just how long ago that was.

I remember having one laptop for the whole family and having to go off line if someone wanted to use the phone! It seems like such a long time ago now. That might be because it was but it also seems almost impossible that that is the way things once were.

I have had a reasonably productive week but I am not sure I have been productive with the right stuff. After finishing up here I am going to get some dinner and finish (hopefully) a chapter of my novel to read out at my writing group.

Have I mentioned the writing group before? I think I did. I go every Monday that I possibly can and it is important to me. Reading out every possible week is helpful and it holds me accountable as people will be (again hopefully) interested in the next instalment; rather than it just being a sad lonely guy writing in his untidy flat. Well it doesn’t stop either of those things from being true.

Next week is my last week before my holiday and I cannot wait. I may only be away for three full days but it should be amazing. I am going down to Tenby and I certainly need to relax – for me that is a challenge.

I still have six days in work but hopefully they will pass quickly.

I’ll see you all next time where hopefully I will be a bit more with it. Bye for now!

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