I Have Been, and Always Shall Be, Your Friend

Using those words for this post might be a bit on the heavy handed but they are also appropriate. Today I said ‘Goodbye’ to a friend of mine. She and her boyfriend are moving to Denmark and it may be some time before I see her again.

As I was heading to her place I wasn’t entirely sure I remembered the route. I only took the one wrong turn. As I got back on track I was thinking how I would remover it for next time. I also passed a bike hire station so I could have cycled. I thought about how I would remember that too. Except I don’t need to remember as on Saturday she will be off.

Goodbyes are always difficult. The first major time it happens is in high school. The school is the glue that holds you together. In the absence of that you drift apart like two lifeboats with the tether cut.

My friend and I, I think, will keep in touch. After all your friends in school are determined by the alphabet and in adulthood it is other factors. Ironically had we been at the same high school we would have been in the same class given our surnames. I wonder if we would have been friends then too.

So I will miss her. Given how busy our lives were, and my working weekends, we might only have met once or twice a month. Quantity is irrelevant for friendship. We always had fun conversations and she was good to be around.

The good news is that now I have extra motivation to travel. So in a few months, maybe a year, when she and her boyfriend are established I will go and see them. I have only ever seen an airport in Denmark and I would love to experience the country proper.

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