I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This…

Does anyone else see a worrying parallel here?

Today I am going to talk about politics. Which is about as clever an idea as calling Worf a coward.

…a really bad idea.

For the last three years, yes that is right, there has been almost nothing in the news but brexit and now we are on the cusp of it finally happening and the UK is incredibly divided on the subject. Some people believe that the action of brexit will lead us right over a cliff.

Photo by Tatiana from Pexels

Before I say my bit I want to say two things. Firstly I know nothing I have only my opinion and a gut instinct. Secondly I grew up on Star Trek and I am forced to wonder if seeing the exploits of the United Federation of Planets makes me want the UK to be part of some great alliance.

Too many videos? This will not be the last!

I voted to remain in the EU as I believed that was the best thing for the UK. I have not changed in that belief. The thing is I believed it and had little in the way of facts to back that up. It is my opinion that this was true of a lot of people no matter which side of the debate they fell on. The reason to have politicians is so that they can make the decision we would have made if we had time to look at all the details of an issue. A referendum was a mistake from the start – and I am not just saying that because my side lost. I don’t believe either side was completely sure what they were voting for. One thing is certain there was no plan for if they won.

Too much?

Maybe that clip is over the top, no pun intended, but I am going next. (And it is really only here because Baldrick had a plan!) Brexit has me deeply concerned. There seems to be an undertone of prejudice in the UK now and even some Britons who live abroad want to see a decrease in immigration and seem incapable of seeing that they themselves are immigrants. A very dear friend of mine left the UK recently and I think that was, at least in part, because she didn’t feel welcome here any longer.

Have we become so… fearful, have we become so cowardly, that we must extinguish a man because he carries the blood of a current enemy?

Captain Picard (Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Drumhead)

I have seen signs up in shop windows and at work that offer meetings and advice to EU citizens after Brexit. It makes me sad that we are facing the idea that people may be removed from the country for no other reason than there national identity. Also, and I debated putting this in, it feels like the small shadow of much worse things that have happened in the past. That maybe hyperbole but there it is.

I am not completely naive I understand the need for control of boarders. However the point that seems to always be missed is that it works both ways – a British person has just as much right to live in an EU country as they do to live here. That reciprocity makes it work and I don’t see any issue with it – none at all. I would love to see a world without boarders where the country you are from only has relevance at a sporting event or during Eurovision but beyond that has little relevance. Not an idea I expect to happen – I like the thought though.

Photo by nicholas hatherly from Pexels

Boris Johnson has prorogued parliament which sounds like a circumvention of democracy to me. Like I said though I know nothing. I only know one thing all of this has me worried. I will leave you with some words of wisdom.

…each voice enriches us and ennobles us, and each voice lost diminishes us.

John Sheridan (Reading G’Kar’s Words) (Babylon 5: Wheel of Fire)

…we must be kind to one another.

G’Kar (Babyon 5: Wheel of Fire)

I hope that the predictions of doom fail to materialise but I am concerned about the future. I hope that you reading this are well, happy, and most of all safe. See you next time.

I just wanted to say that I have checked this post. I really have. Unfortunately my particular combination of dyslexia and dyspraxia makes it really hard for me to spot typos. Please enjoy and I’ll try not to make too many errors.

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