Five Paragraphs

Today is Sunday and it is a strange day for me. It is the first day of my personal weekend – by work rota it is the first day of the week – and while everyone else will probably try to get to bed early tonight I wont need to worry as I am off tomorrow too.

I have been working on this post for a long time (well 40 minutes) and have been getting distracted as I am unsure what to say. It could come from being tired – it could come from being unprepared.

In someways I am starting to get a handle on my todo list. It is going down and I might all be gone by tomorrow but I still having the feeling of doing too much – or rather trying to do too much.

It has just crossed over to 1800 hours and time to resist the temptation to call for food and actually cook something. I have ingredients – I lake motivation – story of my life.

My posts have lost their way a bit recently. I am fighting every day to get my mind in order and I don’t seem to be succeeding but it is a battle I must face each and every day – there is no alternative.

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