Morning Pages One

Sunday 16th December 2012

As I write this I wonder how long I’m going to be able to keep this up. I said, after finishing my degree, that I would continue to keep a journal after university. Well I haven’t. Actually I believe my exact words were I’ll probably continue this after university (oink flap oink flap). Well a pig has not just flown passed the window but I thought I’d give it a go.

Part 2008-03-28_144938_dscn0159 of the reason for this is that I’ve just got a new tablet and wanted to use it for something and why not this? I’m writing this first thing in the morning. I heard about this from Ella Morton its called ‘Morning Pages’ The idea is to keep a diary of sorts by writing three pages first thing in the morning. In the case of Ella Morton she does in beautiful handwriting. Well my handwriting is worse than atrocious so I’m going to write 750 words (which is about the same) instead.

Or maybe not. I’ve just done a word count and I’m quite a way off. The idea of these morning pages is to write whatever occurs when you first wake up. It is supposed to be quite therapeutic – a way to unload yourself on to paper (or a screen) and write down frustrations and really anything that comes to mind. What is coming to mind now is that I need to get on with my morning. Unfortunately I do have work today. It is a ways off but I still need to get ready.

I like to read every morning. Currently I’m reading Northern Lights. A very good book. I am aware that it is strange to be writing this in a bloging style but it does seem to be working. You see I set up this web sites for my MA and it’s been pointed out to me that I haven’t put anything on it in a while so maybe this will be a good place to start.

I said before that I was going to write 750 words – well it looks like I’m going to stop a little shy of that – 370 words – okay a lot shy of that.

Will I be back tomorrow that is the question? It’s not as good as ‘to be or not to be but let’s just start with what we have.


The words here are not verbatim. I’ve edited it just slightly to make it a little better. I’m placing pictures in these posts which I hope will make them look better. Think of them as window dressing and let me know if you think this doesn’t quite work.

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