Sir Patrick Moore

‘I think we should get back to real life now, to the things we see around us every day,. Like the sky at night, for example.’ Michael Flanders.

Sometime someone dies and the world seems somehow smaller. I think that Sir Patrick Moore was on of those people. I’m not sure how well he is know outside of the UK so I’ll give you some brief information.

In the UK Sir Patrick Moore presented ‘The Sky at Night‘ for over fifty years. For many people he would have been the first person to introduce them to space and our universe.

What was so special about Sir Patrick Moore was his enthusiasm and one thing that you might not know is that his maps of the moon were used by NASA. If you don’t believe that we landed on the moon – please leave the planet via the nearest exit.

It is amazing how far we’ve come in the 89 years of Sir Patrick Moore’s life. I’m sure that if someone had said, on the day he was born, ‘this boy will map the moon for man’s first landing’ – it would have sounded crazy. Yet 46 years later that is what happened.

It has now been forty-two days since Sir Patrick Moore died. This is coming to you a little later than I would have liked – however since astronomy increases our understanding of life, the universe, and everything, it seemed appropriate.

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