Write Stuff Down Immediately!

Write Stuff Immediately!

This may be a little narcissistic of me but I have sometimes wondered what it would be like to be interviewed about my writing. I know this is a pretty bold statement for someone who is doing the computer equivalent or writing half a page, scrunching it up, throwing it away, and then retrieving it to see if the story was actually that bad.

As I imagine all writers will know the hardest part of writing is finishing work. There is always that nagging voice that tells you the story is no good or that it should be told in a different way. Finishing stuff is vital and it is a rule I am still working on.

Writers often seem to be asked where they get their ideas from. This to me is a strange question because I find that the answer is – ‘Anywhere and everywhere.’ From an overheard conversation to seeing a bin bag blowing in the wind – idea’s can be formed. Sometimes there is no obvious way to backtrack where an idea came from. The important thing though is that to a writer ideas are like gold!

Some months ago now I was in bed when suddenly an idea came to me. It was for a short story which would have been funny. I figured it was so good that I would remember it – I didn’t.

This story that arose in my mind out of nowhere was gone by the morning. I could only remember that it had existed but no details about it. So I say now to writers keep a note book with you.

This is advice that every author in the world has probably given at some point – to my shame I didn’t listen. My idea will probably never be seen again. So if an idea comes to mind cling on to it, write it down, email it to yourself, use a Dictaphone just make sure its recorded – I didn’t and I regret it.

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