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I’d forgotten, until last week, that I’d told WordPress to remind me to post here. If I don’t post every week it sends me little reminders. Here I am at the eleventh hour.

Today has been a strange day. I slept for eleven hours last night so the day has been rather short. I did manage to get out of the house for a bit though and had a wander around the town. Its nice to be only a stone’s throw from the shops. Its not so nice when they throw the stone back.

My internet is now in place. That means I can, as Rescue Time show me, waste time on You Tube again! With the internet this little flat is starting to feel a bit more like home.


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Star (gate and trek)

My flat still doesn’t quite feal like home. It is missing something… I don’t know what. (And I can’t spell the French for that phrase)

Over the last few days I’ve been ill – so I’ve been watching lots of Stargate. For me ray guns and starships is kind of home.

I have the Enterprise (E) and a Klingon bird-of-prey on display.

At the top of the stairs is my signed picture of Teal’c – like a household God. Well Teal’c wouldn’t like being called a God – so protector might be a better word. 

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Still Haven’t Moved

I still haven’t moved into my shiny new flat. I’m waiting for people to talk to people to talk to my people. It is amazing how long this has taken!

While I’ve been waiting I’ve been considering what I might name my flat. I’ve got several ideas…

  1. Gallifrey – The Doctor’s homeworld in Doctor Who
  2. Enterprise – I don’t think I need to explain…
  4. Seren Wen – Which is Welsh for White Star

I’ve had a few other ideas as well. One of them is to try and translate TARDIS, which is an acronym of course, into Welsh and use that. According to Google it comes out as: Amser a dimensional cymharol yn y gofod – which would be AADCYYG – which is not really pronounceable.

Maybe something will come to me when I move in. It is a funny thing buying a flat – I only saw it for about five minutes about 115 days ago and decided to buy based on that.

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