Analyse That!

There are some people who say they can analyses dreams. I’m very skeptical when it comes to such things. Though I will admit that the subconscious mind can be a very odd think indeed. Mostly I’m skeptical about such things because my dreams are so off the wall that they defy analysis.

In this dream I was with a friend whom I haven’t seen in about two years. Dreams always have a disconnect so there is no proper narrative. I know though that the dream was about different realities. On the walls there were these small protrusions and when shot at with a laser gun the whole of reality changed. Aside from that I only remember that there was a cinema and here the guns acted like a remote control, only changing what was on the screen, and that one of the guns’ ends was encased in ice.

It gave me an idea which could work its way into a story – so watch this space for that – and as an author that’s what you really want form a dream.


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