When I was young it seemed that ( life was so wonderful) birthdays took so long to arrive. I was thinking about them a good month in advance.

Today is my 26th birthday. Now it seems birthdays have become stealthy. In someways its nice to be relaxed about the whole thing. These days, in terms of presents, the things I want are either practical or expensive, and sometimes both.

Christmas too can now arrive in its own time. I’m no longer counting down the days and jumping around with excitement. It arrives in its own time and is still fun. Last year it was about two weeks in to December before I really realised how close it was getting.

The one thing is though that now it feels like the magic is gone. Perhaps that is one reason to have children to rekindle that fire of excitement.

To quote Babylon 5: ‘Now we make our own magic. Now we create our own legends. Now we build the future. Now we stop being afraid of shadows.” (Babylon 5: Into the Fire)

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