The Other Day…

When I say that something happened ‘the other day’ I can mean anything from yesterday to a few weeks, or even years. ago. This is useful when writing this blog because the vagueness of that sentence can apply forever. I might see something one day, write about it the next, and schedule it to go out the following week and it can still be valid to say ‘the other day.’

So the other day I saw this video and just had to share it:

Dr. Tyson has an excellent way of putting across, sometimes very complex, ideas in a way that is funny and accessible. If science was approached in this way more in school it would be a very good thing. My memory of science is that it was never that interesting. I did enjoy it though because I had lessons with two good friends but I don’t remember it ever being truly fun.

A lot of science stuff, so basically the entire universe, I don’t really get. I used to think that an orbit was only used, in terms of Star Trek, to keep the planet from running away. I mean as opposed to having gravitational qualities and the like. See I’m proving I don’t understand it now. When I write science fiction I occupationally ask my brother for help, he has a head for these things, but sometimes all I really want is a simple answer. For instance I often just need to know if something is possible or not. However simple answers tend to be rare. As my brother once said there is a reason for simplicity to be illusive when writing science fiction… ‘It is rocket science.’

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