The End

I have been wrestling with purchasing a flat for the past few months. Yes months! It feels like everything that can go wrong has gone wrong with this purchase! The end is now in sight. I shall very shortly be moving to Pontypridd.

Pontypridd is a small town about 19 kilometers outside of Cardiff. Since Pontypridd is more of a Welsh area than Cardiff I am going to attempt to learn Welsh. I honestly don’t know if I will succeed, fail, or give up before I’ve truly given it a go.

Welsh is, I know, a strange language to want to learn. Almost everyone who speaks Welsh speaks English. From that point of view it could be seen as a waste of time; I feel a connection to Welsh though. When I take the train there is something nice about hearing the announcements in Welsh. I was thinking that I might try and listen to Welsh audio books and see how it goes.

I’ve also thought about doing the same thing for German. My TNG DVDs have a German option so I’ve watched a couple of episodes in German. So far all I can say with any certainty is ‘Der Weltraum – unendliche Weiten.’ – Space: The Final Frontier.

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