Since meeting Hannah Spearritt the other week I’ve been on an S Club shtick. I’ve been playing my favorites of their songs over and over. I remember when I first got Seeing Double I played it every morning, over breakfast, for about a week. Why my brother and father allowed that I don’t know. The other explanation is that I’m misremembering.

Strange things come to mind when… actually strange things always come to my mind… looking at stuff on line. Anyway… one of the things that the internet does that is quite fun is mashup videos. One of my favorites is this…

Unlike other mashups Tim Ruben has chosen his own scenes. Some of these mashups just swop out one audio for another.

Someone has also done a mashup of Babylon 5 and the Spice Girls. Babylon 5 is about questions. Have a look at this clip. By the way don’t watch this if you haven’t seen Babylon 5. Showing this is like showing you this

As Sheridan says the Shadows asking the question ‘What do you want?’ This links quite nicely with the Spice Girls song Wannabe. The Spice Girls also had a song called ‘Who do you think you are?‘ – might that work for the Vorlons?

Anyway that brings me to S Club. Bring it all Back, their first single, has the line ‘Hold on to what you try to be your individuality…’ … To my strange mind I think of this…

This still stands up as one of the best cliffhangers every. It is certainly the best of the Star Trek cliffhangers.

Incidentally does anyone know what Bring it all Back is supposed to mean?

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