The Internet

It’s a funny old thing not having internet. I realise the irony of that statement when written on a blog. Currently I’m on line by virtue of tethering to my phone. On Tuesday though I will be set up for internet without having to go eek at a rising bill.

It a weird thing having a pay monthly mobile. I went for it because I wanted a fancy phone and I suppose it seemed better to pay x amount a month rather than buying a pay-as-you go phone. Anyway I’m now into, I suppose you could say, extra time with my data allowance. This all seems a bit silly as I still have hundreds of minutes and thousands of texts unused. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could be converted to data.

Earlier today I thought I’d lost my phone, it was just me panicking, but I felt strangely isolated. Without my phone, and by extension without internet, the only way to contact anyone is to physically visit them!


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  1. It is interesting how much we come to rely on technology which, not many years ago, didn’t exist at all!

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