Not What it Seems

As you know I’m a member of a gym. The gym in question is about a 30 minute train journey away. It seemed like a logical choice. I already have a monthly train ticket, because of work, so the train fare wasn’t an issue. I figured I’d go on my days off and one day after work. However… my job involves standing up all the time… therefore I don’t usually feel like going after work. On my days off it feels like quite a rigmarole going all that way.

The solution is obvious – find a gym closer to home. I did my googgling and found one.  It was £3.20 for one session and only a 15 minute walk. The website looked most professional. They offer membership and have ‘superb facilities including locker rooms’

They do not…

Basically this gym was just a room with some equipment. I suppose technically that describes all gyms of this type. However I was expecting a lot more from what the website said. The equipment was a little on the dirty side, it needed dusting (so does my flat but that’s a separate issue), and there weren’t locker rooms. There were lockers on a landing with three showers.

Maybe I was expecting too much. That is certainly a possibility but the gym I go to in Cardiff is cheaper than this little place. Also the showers actually drain and you don’t end up standing in a good few inches of water.

I guess it just goes to show that anyone can make a good website.

So for now I’ll stick with the large gym in town. At least I can read on the train.

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