Welsh, Writing and Spoilers

This is a blog in three parts. The parts are unrelated but I have three little things I want to say.

Part 1

I’ve been saying it for months but I’ve finally started to learn Welsh. I’m using Say Something in Welsh as a starting point. Will I ever be fluent? I don’t know.

I did Welsh is school but it was badly taught. It seems now that we learned a combination of overly formal language, and sentences that actually don’t make sense. One sentence we learned was: ‘Rwy’n hoffi Star Trek achos mae’n da.’ – Which means I like Star Trek because its good. Obviously we put our own like, or dislike, in it. We also learned to say that we didn’t like stuff because it was bad.

Why we learned these useless sentences I don’t know.

Some say that learning Welsh is a pointless endeavor. They argue that everyone who speaks Welsh speaks English. Its difficult to explain why I want to lean Welsh. A part of me is tempted to answer the question with: ‘If you have to ask you’ll never understand.’

I do feel a connection to Welsh and want to speak it. Without delving too much into the history it feels like its the language I should be speaking.

How long I’ll keep at it is another question.

Part 2

Its November now, you may have noticed, and for many, well some, it means NaNoWriMo. NaNoWriMo is an acronym for: National Novel Writing Month. In which the aim is to write 50,000 words in a month. A tall order to be sure.

I’m not doing this in the ‘right’ way, as large chunks of my novel are written, but I am going to try and write more this month.

Will I finish my novel? If my previous track record is anything to go by the answer is no.

Part 3

Finally I wanted to talk about spoilers. In particular I wanted to talk about Doctor Who. At the end of each episode they have a ‘Next Time’ segment and my question is: Why?

Doctor Who is one of the most popular shows on TV at the moment. It has a guaranteed audience. There is simply no need to tempt views to watch they will be their.

This was especially irritating in the last episode: Dark Water. The villain (click here for the revel) is hinted at, take a look at the doors, and its reveled in a great way. However the effort of the writer to hint at this is ruined by it being shown in the next time segment!

If anyone from the BBC happens to stumble on to this please jettison ‘Next Time.’ We don’t need it. This series has been a mixed bag but on the whole I’ve enjoyed it. To make sure I see the next episode all I need is six words ‘The Doctor will return next week.’ – basically just tell me it exists and I’ll be there!

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