Doctor Who – Death in Heaven




The latest series of Doctor Who has been something of a mixed bag. Yesterday’s episode was fantastic! Often when I’m watching TV I end up doing something else, Facebook or Tetris, this time I was thoroughly gripped. Being from Cardiff it was a little strange seeing a street I know well which has, apparently, translocated to London.

The cyberman are, to me, the most interesting of the Doctor Who villains. To become one of them is far more terrifying than an enemy that simply wants you dead. Speaking of being dead I’m not entirely sure how the cybermen can use the dead. They’re supposed to be cyborgs so they need the organic components. Am I thinking too much into this? Maybe but science fiction is supposed to make you think.

Some people, yes I know citation needed, apparently guessed that Missy was going to be the Master. For me though she was never interesting enough for me to think about it. Had I thought about it I wouldn’t come up with the Master. For one thing I didn’t know Time Lords could change their gender and for another we saw the Master die.

The scene where Osgood was murdered was very well done. I was watching it by myself and I could see what was coming. I was saying ‘No, don’t do it.’ To Osgood. It never goes well when a restrained person asks their captor to come closer. Moffat definitely showed how evil Missy was with that. I know Osgood was only in one other episode but it was very well done. When she was killed I wanted Missy dead from that moment. Having the Brigadier kill her was the perfect end. If Clara or the Doctor had done it wouldn’t have worked.

I have two gripes and one wish for the next series.

Grip 1: They are continually doing stories of global incidents. These seem to either have no lasting effect or there is a global amnesia plot at then end. If big scale events are going to be shown then I feel their should be a lasting result. There have been so many incidents. I would rather they reverted to the ‘base under siege’ plot. If we’re dealing with people in an isolated location its far more interesting.

Grip 2: As well as the attacks being big scale so are the solutions. Rather than the invaders being driven off it always seems as though they are being utterly destroyed. I would rather a… well a more subtle approach. I suppose Captain Scarlet would be a good example, especially as it was mentioned, each episode the Mysteron problem is resolved, but the Mysterons aren’t obliterated.

It could be argued that these weren’t ‘real’ cybermen. Rather Missy had the blueprints; for lack of a better way to put it.

1 Wish: A companion from somewhere, or some when, else. Don’t get me wrong I’ve liked all the companions of the modern series but they are all from contemporary earth. Rose, Martha and Clara are all from London. I just think it would be interesting to have companions from other places. Someone from the future, someone from the past, even just someone from another continent would be interesting. Again there is nothing wrong with any of the companions but variety would be nice.

And now with have the Christmas episode to look forward too. I have another gripe about that which is simply this: why is December such a popular time for invasions and dastardly plans?

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