The End of It

This is the last post of 2014. When 2015 comes around it will feel, once again, like a new period of hope. Then, before you can look round, you realise it’s February and you’ve already failed to keep up with any new year’s resolutions.

This blog is my success this year. I have posted on it every week. I think one or two posts were a little late but the average was one a week. I didn’t however manage to start doing You Tube. With that I was doing the classic thing of the procrastinator – waiting for the right time and thus never doing it.

Exercise is another slight fail. I went to the gym for a while, I joined in June, but lately I haven’t been using it so much. To be honest I live too far from the gym. It takes three hours to do a one hour gym session. That’s when you factor in the train journey, waiting for the train, showering, and going to and from the station. I realised though that if that is the case I could just go for a walk for a couple of hours. Two hours of walking would probably equal the exercise of half an hour on a rowing machine.

For the new year I’m not sure I want to codify my resolutions. One thing I have thought about is learning to drive.

Leaning to drive has never been a priority to me. Until the beginning of this year I was within cycling distance of anywhere I wanted to be. Now I live further away and have to rely on trains. That is fine most of the time. The only exceptions are: Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, the occasional Sunday, and when I want to be out later than the last train. Having a car would be more convenient. If you leave five¬†minutes late, when getting a train, you miss the train and have to wait for the next one. If going by car you can basically stay five minutes late.

The idea of learning to drive though is rather terrifying. I might just be better off putting some money aside to afford a taxi now and then.

And I know I say this every year but finishing my novel is a priority too.

Happy New Year!

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