Year Anytime

I don’t know when you’re reading this. You might be reading it on the day of up load, it might be the middle of summer, you might be reading it in the year 4247 for all I know. Goodness imagine how many web pages their will be by then. Allow me to get to my point a year can start anywhere.

We all have those moments where we decide to try something new. It could be a diet. It could be anything. If you’re anything like me you might feel that a Monday or a Sunday are the only days to begin something. You might even feel like the 1st of the month is the only day. You might want to wait until a month where the 1st falls on a Monday.

At the start of a new year people set resolutions. The year though is arbitrary. I’d like to switch to a calendar starting in March, like the Roman calendar, because then winter would be over. That is, of course, a northern hemisphere centric view of the world – however that is where I live. To me it always feels like winter should be over with the start of a new year. With all the talk of new beginnings its strange to me that winter straddles both years.

If you do have a new plan start now. It might be Thursday. Poor Thursday the runt of the weak. Monday and Tuesday start the week; Wednesday is midweek, and Thursday is the annoying thing that prevents Friday coming sooner.  Thursday is just as good a day as any to begin something. The Royal Navy practice battle maneuvers on a Thursday.

Secret Santa

As it is a new year, this is a do as I say not as I do situation, I have started something new. Actually I did start it on a Thursday or rather Christmas Day. I started writing a happiness diary.

I heard of the idea through a friend. The idea is to write something that makes you happy every day. I know it may sound a little hokey but it can actually be quite effective.

For my diary I’m actually writing a bit more fully. So its not just the one happy paragraph but an account of the day too. Whether or not its helpful to remember bad things I don’t know. Maybe a happiness diary would be useful to you.

1st January 2015

Busy day at work and it rained. My God it rained.

Happiness day#1 Watched the BBC adaptation of Esio Trot. It was delightfully done!

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