Short Stories and Shoe Horns

I’ve written a story. That is a rather redundant statement as I am a writer but its true.

Specifically I’ve written a story for a competition and I’m not sure its any good.

I’ve used a character I’ve used before and written a story for the competition. The competition simple asked for a story based around a provided opening line. I may have shoe horned an existing idea into place. It kind of fits. The story works. i.e: the protagonist has a problem, she discusses that problem, and comes up with a solution.

That is the basis of almost any story. The problem is it covers everything from walking in to Mordor to walking to the shops to buy an apple…

Problem: I’m hungry

Solution: Get food.

Once upon a time I was hungry and their was no food in the house. I got up off my lazy butt and went to the shops. I bought food. Several of the chocolate bars did not survive the journey home.

That is a story outline but unless you’re having to battle a dragon to get to the shop its not going to do too well.

There is something to be said for submitting anything and every thing. The simple act of writing can be an idea generation machine. So maybe I will. The entrance fee is £3 and the prize is £250. Which isn’t too bad really. Is there a point submitting when there isn’t much of a chance of winning? I’m not sure I have an answer to that.

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