As you may have noticed there was no post last week. I wish I could give you some grand reason for this. There isn’t one. I could give you some excuses I suppose.

Last Saturday I went to my parents house for dinner, I finally had a Saturday evening off, and we played Bohnanza. This is a rather strange game with anthropomorphised beans. A good game though.

On Sunday we went for lunch. A proper Sunday lunch which I haven’t had in a very long time, with the exception of Christmas dinner I suppose, it was good food. Then in the evening I had to go into work for just an hour for a meeting – a pointless meeting – aren’t they always.

Those are the excuses but there is another story.

I had a bad day.

Looking back at my diary the bad day was actually Monday – I’d planned on the post being just a day late. I just didn’t feel like doing anything. Do you ever get days like that? I’m sure we all do. I slept for a long time and just watched Voyager.

Sometimes you just need to do nothing.

Speaking of my diary I’m still keeping up with it. The idea was to think of a happy thing for each day. I am doing that but also keeping a general record of what is going on. Some days my happiness for the day is seeing a particular person smile.

A smile is probably the first thing I notice about someone – a smile and eyes too.


Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. I like Valentine’s day. Some people see it as overly commercial and generally silly. They may be correct but I still like it. It is an opportunity to show someone you care. Maybe if you’re in a relationship it matters less but if not it seems like the perfect opportunity to approach someone. If nothing else its nice to be nice. I know nice is a bad word for a writer to use but sometimes it works.

People can go over board with romantic gestures – but why would anyone have a problem receiving a card or chocolates or something. I’m assuming of course that we’re talking about two people who get on and not Gul Dukat giving a dress to Major Kira or something.

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