Jo Graves 1916-2015

My grandmother died a fortnight ago and I wanted to remember her here. Her funeral was on Monday. It was a lovely service with family members talking of their memories of her. This is what I wrote:

Jo Graves 1916-2015It is hard to imagine the world of Grandma‘s birth. Ninety-eight years is an incredible expanse of time. Just thirteen years before she was born was the first powered flight – and just last year a probe landed on a comet millions of miles away.

​Grandma lived through two world wars.​ She told me once about rationing which included things like saucepans. Her mother was
able to get her a full set of pans when she married, ​by rejoining the queue several times in different disguises.

Once, when heading to grandma‘s house, we had terrible trouble locking mum and dad’s front door. It took us ages. Eventually the problem was revealed – grandma had been using the wrong key.

Many years ago, while on holiday in Bodmin, Mum and Grandma shared in a little conspiracy. Aware that ​Richard and I were not finding ​the walk much ​fun they told us that just around the corner there was a little tea room. ​Whereas, in fact, ​neither of them knew if there was one on that path​. Then, just round the corner, we found a lovely little place on a hill. We had ice creams.

Then, w​hen we got back to where we were staying, there was a red van waiting for us selling fish and chips.

 I think that ‘tea rooms’ sums up my memories of Grandma. Wherever we were going, from Tesco to one tourist attraction or another, finding the tea room was always top priority.
The Image used in this post was taken by my father, O-Dzin Tridral, you can find him at:

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