Mother’s Day

In the UK today is Mother’s Day.

Mother’s day is something of an ‘invented’ holiday. Like Valentine’s Day it no doubt has people who see it as overly commercialised and perhaps a little sappy. However just because something is recent isn’t any reason to devalue it

Naturally I’m writing this ahead of time. Today I will be at my parent’s house. My brother, his wife, and I will prepare a meal. It’s always a treat for mum when she doesn’t have to cook.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are important. It is a cliche but parents do so much for their children that it is important to acknowledge that. And its just nice to spend time with family sometimes.

This did get a little sappy didn’t it?

I hope that you have/have had a wonderful Mother’s day. Either as the mother or as the son or daughter. Do you have any family traditions on Mother’s Day?

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