It’s Not What You Think

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been learning Welsh. It is slow progress but my aim is to be fluent in five years. I’ve started listing to Meinir Gwilym, a Welsh singer, to start to expose myself to the language.

My father introduced me to the work of Meinir Gwilym over a decade ago. It’s interesting listing to music in a language you don’t know well. I recognise a word or two here and there but mostly I’m left to guess what it all means.

One song, Cachu Ar y Walia, sounds like a typical Eurovision song. You know the type arms in the air waving from side-to-side.

Well, as you can see from the video, the actual translation is ‘There’s shit on the walls.’ Since ‘cachu’ hasn’t resisted in my mind as a swear word its easy to find myself muttering the song while at work. Fortunately I’m also rather self conscious so would never actually be singing above a whisper.

I think I once sang a Klingon drinking song while wiping tables.

Okay maybe more than once.

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