Deadlines are something we all must face. According to Douglas Adams they make a ‘whooshing noise’ as they fly by. I have deadlines. One self imposed and one externally imposed. So for this week I wanted to point you at a metro article.

English Teacher takes red pen to mistake-ridden UKIP flyer.

I know pointing out these mistakes is rather, as the cliche goes, like throwing stones from my glass house but I still wanted to show this. I found it rather amusing – it is always easier to notice mistakes in a piece of work that you haven’t been slaving over.

In closing I want two promise ewe that I do try and proofread. Speelling has always been a problem for me. This sight is important t00 me so I will do my best. Some mistakes will always slip through, this I no, but trying you’re best is all u can do – oar ewe can always get some kind sole to czech it four ewe.

See you next week – when I’ll be panicking.

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  1. Nor'dzin Pamo

    Very amusing. If I were you I’d put a prominent note on your site explaining that you are dyslexic so that your readers know it is more than just proof-reading errors.

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