Change is Bad – So is choice

Apps and websites often make changes. It is usually called, rather euphemistically, an ‘improvement.’ I don’t want it improved I want everything to stay the way it is. Change is bad.

You tube, at one point, had a box of the six latest videos. If you didn’t want to watch a video you could just dismiss it with a little ‘x’ in the corner – then the next newest would pop up. Now we have a long list of videos and if one doesn’t interest us it just sits there. It stares at you. You must watch it. Then there is auto play. You will never leave you tube.

Every time I hear the phrase ‘we’re making improvements’ I just cringe. Occasionally the new version is better but it is so rare I don’t think its worth the risk. My bank’s website made a change not too long ago and now their nice easy to use website is confusing.

Choice is bad too. Sometimes, at the supermarket, I’ll be looking at two products. They’re almost identical but one of them is priced slightly more. I look at both of them and I wonder just what the difference is. What makes one product worth £0.50 more than the other?

I don’t want choice. I want to be able to go to the supermarket and get tuna, or something, and just be told this is tuna – rather than have tuna in spring water, in oil, in brine, and often all those from different companies. What is the difference? I bet that if I had a taste test between tuna in brine from company A and the same from company B I wouldn’t be able to tell.

Of course the way things are going choice may disappear. In my everyday life I only use google, Tesco, Amazon, and facebook. Maybe they’ll all become subsumed into one on day – okay that is a scary thing to consider.

So maybe we should embrace change and choice. I did say maybe. Though really how much difference is their between all those different brands of milk? Are the cows all fed of slightly different grass? Are their different types of grass? I don’t know. I drink oat milk now –

And another thing….

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