Election Fallout

It has now been a week, well just over, since the inexplicable Conservative victory in the general election. My first plan for this post was a WTF about the results – and little more. While WTF is still what I feel I think it might be more interesting to look at it objectively.

I honestly don’t know how things are going to be. David Cameron isn’t exactly going to start building a Death Star but there is a question in my mind of whether the Tories are going to be good for the country.

I was speaking to a Tory voter the other day and they made some good points. I take this with a pinch of salt but I’m not opposed to the idea of the Tories being good.

I’m rather dubious about the idea of sticking to one political party. For myself I try and evaluate each party for each election. This time I didn’t vote Tory – but another time I might. It all depends on what is happening in the country at the time of each election. For instance in the 1945 general election Winston Churchill lost to Clement Attlee. When I first heard about this I was surprised – after all Churchill is often talked of with great reverence. However Labour were considered to be the better party of post war Britain.

So hopeful we won’t all be as doomed as Golgafrincham,

In spite of what I’ve said there is still a part of me that agrees with the: ‘circle the wagons’, ‘batten down the hatches’, ‘red alert’, or just ‘oh crap’ that most people seem to be considering the result.

I think the key is vigilance. If we really have democracy then we should be able to shoot down any ideas we hate. The problem is a combination of a lack of information, it’s not always easy to find out what government policies are, and apathy.

If like me me you are WFTing about what happened know that we can still have a voice – or failing that we can just hide under a rock for the next five years.

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